Hi, I'm Ellen

I'm 26 years old and live in Linköping, Sweden. At the moment, I'm writing my thesis in Business Administration whilst working at an office in Linköping. I have a lot of hobbies that all have the common denominator creativity. I also have the skill of watching too many TV-series (and quoting them constantly). I get the greatest satisfaction when I find a gif that perfectly captures the emotion that I wanna display.

With the help of my dad, I designed my first web page when I was about eight years old. After that, I joined everyone else in the big blog-hype and had several blogs for different purposes. What I liked most was the styling and playing around with the HTML and CSS, which is why I created so many different ones. Sadly, I didn't realise that that was a potential career path until recently, which is why I'm now trying to catch up by completing several courses in both programming and web design.

Where I've worked

x DB Schenker 2018 -> now

I currently work with business service at DB Schenker in Linköping. During this time, I've worked closely with our customers (both consignors and recipients) in customer service, our hauliers as an administrator and of course with my co-workers at the terminal and the office. I've also worked a lot in office environments such as Teams, Compass and Excel.

+ Capi AB 2015 -> 2016

I worked part time in retail at Capi AB, Arlanda Airport's only tech-store. I learnt how to sell, handle (often stressed) customers and to do inventory. I also worked during uncomfortable hours, and often opened or closed the store.

x Vapiano 2015 -> 2016

Whilst working part time at Capi AB, I also worked part time as a "Vapianista" at Vapiano. My main work task was greeting our customers and taking their payments after their visit. Since it was Vapiano, I did not serve our customers, but I cleaned up after them, and made sure that the tables where clean and inviting.

+ Silverbäckens förskola 2014 -> 2015

Working at a preschool was a great experience where I learnt how to motivate kids and develop my skills in patience and teaching. I learnt a lot from my co-workers; not only how to be a teacher, but also how to be a good colleague and how to find joy in what you do, and having fun at the workplace.

What I've studied

○  Civilekonomprogrammet, Linköpings Universitet
•  3 years The most interesting courses was in organizational theory, sustainable business and perspectives on digitalization
○  Ekonomi & IT, Stockholms Universitet
•  1.5 years. This was the perfect program for me and I aimed at getting two degrees; one in economics and one in IT. However, due to a move from Stockholm to Linköping, I decided to start studying at Linköping University instead.
○  Grundlärarprogrammet, Högskolan för Lärande & Kommunikaton Jönköping
•  After I graduated from high school, I moved to a new town and studied to become a teacher for one term. I realised that I wanted more work experience before studying at a university. Loved being a student in Jönköping though.
○  C++, Linnéuniversitetet
•  7.5 HP. While studying economics, I started to miss programming, so I took some distance classes in different programming languages
○  Java, Högskolan i Kristianstad
•  7.5 HP. While studying economics, I started to miss programming, so I took some distance classes in different programming languages

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